Azimio has called Off Protest to Allow to give Bipartisan Talks a chance

Kwani kume endaje :D:D:D

Yesterday’s flop. The violent mganga use of terrorism blackmail for nusu mkate dismantled.

Wacha nimalisane na samba ndio ni rudi kuandamana. Man cannot live on ugali pekee. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

Adan Keynan apart from being Jubilee, kwani what was the issue with him?

The old wizard looking for a dignified exit.
His maandamano, once billed as ‘nationwide’ have failed to catch fire.
Even in Kibera it has been reduced to the same 50 goons every time.

Mzee had a chance to concede defeat last year for the first time in his life. Right now he would be the frontrunner for the next AU chairman.

The world would have been his oyster had he gracefully conceded. Now he is seen as a greedy warmonger ie he exposed his true nature to the world

Punda amechoka

RAILA WAS ORDERED BY RUTO/BIDEN/EU/UK to spare the country his UPUZI or face sanctions including House Detention in Bondo like his Father. Hii ingine ni porojo ya kusave face.

Seriously, the teargas-monday demos during Uhuru’s time and prior to the handcheck had gotten to this exact place where the demos were dying a natural death as they now are…until Uhuru gave Raila a new lease…this time around, Ruto should just wait and watch them zimia in slow motion as the now are.

Sooner than later, it’s going to be an ODM coup on grounds of failed leadership as is happening in Jubilee. Watch this space

Snake head target was elusive jana, so some one smelt coffee

  1. Wakale hawana feelings :smiley:
  2. PHD Arror hana feelings uliza ule senior wa UN :smiley:

Wacha mayowe mingi mrembo na urudi Bweyogerere.

Meanwhile Chebu anacheza kama yeye


Baba aliteleza venye alikubali ii parliamentary talks hapo miti iliteleza

Dawa ya mganga raila is none other than riggy G… mtoto wa MauMau

Following from Bugos

A great man. Hope it will be livestreamed

Watu wamechoka.