Azimio Evidence vs UDA evidence

If you genuinely want to win, never bury the Court in piles of unnecessary documents, especially in a case that has to be heard and determined in less than 5 days after the respondents have filed their materials. No one will read 1M pieces of paper. Be lean, concise and focused.

Am guessing seasoned lawyers like Orengo should already know this??

Yes they do but in their world there is a very thin line between practicing law and playing politics for the optics. Uwinjo?

So if the files are for the optics, then shouldnt they have a clear, short and concise summary of what those case files are about for the actual court battle?

That is the problem…THEY DON’T HAVE THAT SUMMARY.
It’s the same problem they encountered during the pre-election period where they lacked a clear outlined agenda. All they did was just throw around populist and pro-socialism phrases to hoodwink the masses which unfortunately backfired on them. Uwinjo?

So Orengo and company are overpaid, incompetent lawyers

I can see reality is yet to dawn on you. Continue being in denial and you are welcome to keep your rotten ‘president’ erect after the swearing in of the people’s president.

It was all on a light note. I come in peace

Those words just came from your own description of them because I clearly never said any of those words. Now tell us, are your allegations true or not?

Wheelbarrow imekuja empty. Labda kubeba, sio kuleta mzigo.

After inauguration I plan on taking my UDA friends and relatives out to eat, as an omen of the many more good tidings they will see once things start changing. After that I will desist from politics and get on with the business of living. This one week of imagining some people getting state machinery was too much for me. But the God I worship does not sleep nor slumber.

There’s no money left to hire lawyers.

You took a sabbatical leave ama?

Ps. I wonder where some corporate emos got the courage from to write emails to their bosses that they’d like to take a PTO for the election period:D:D

Hehe… sawa my learned friend

Those who really believe in a cause should defend it, not for money, but because they love truth and justice