Azimio clutching at straws. Supreme Court ipatie Raila certificate




Worst of all iko jjjjj who thinks this is possible and actually has hopes

Raira will never be president

Isn’t this a recipe for disaster? Yaani you take away the certificate from WSR and give it to Jakom without holding any elections and expect Kales to take this lying down? Si they will burn Rift Valley?

What’s wrong with that ?

How good is that too?

Azimio are clutching on straws. What if they recount and find Rao has less votes than reported.? I doubt votes za Raila zitashinda za Ruto even Azimio people know so.

If you burn your own house, what’s the problem.

Uhuru really failed these guys

Bonobos, hamjakubali hii kiti ilienda na the lion of Sugoi?

Parliament ✓✓✓✓

Senate ✓✓✓✓

Cabinet… Loading


I think there is something RAT does to his followers to separate them from the reality. I am one of the people who were double checking the facts and figures and in most cases, it was forms 34Bs from RATs stronghold that had excess votes…some times up to 1000 extra votes. Even if there were any discrepancies with the central Kenyan ones they must have been minor ones.

So much money spent

This is why azimio lost , selling false hope to their supporters instead of campaigning

But we campaigned adi apa Middle East

I really don’t get Some guy with a masters degree was telling me that there is some disagreement on the 0.01% and that we need a neutral person to tell us what whether 100.01%-100% = 0.01% or it is equal to 0.01. He also told me that there is an “Algorithm” which when multiplied by 142,000 will give you that persons vote.

I hate to be the grammar Nazi here but it’s clutching at straws bro.

I called it in the tallying thread. Aziminions will use scientific calculators to do the math.

0.01% = 0.0001

Hio 0.01% mnaongelea si ilikuwa ni error ya rounding off. Kwani watu bado wanaamini what that woman said. You can see clearly it was rounded off to 2 decimal places.

I dont give a fuck about grammar. We aint in a grammar class. Pelek upuzi kwenu.