Azimio And Kenya Kwisha Setting Up Private Tallying Centers


Hope this will not cause a war because there will be differences in totals from the same polling stations.

UDAku will report 15,000 And Azimio will report 17,000 from the same center. this will introduce doubts regarding how many were spoilt and what not

There’s always a 3rd party like Media, IEBC so hold off and don’t get your pantie hose in a knot with these outlandish posts.

Parallel system is for making a solid case pale supreme kikiibiwo and act as a deterrent to mischief… constitutional timelines are too slim to allow for any meaningful reconciliations.

Chebukati said it is allowed. Anybody who has that capacity can go ahead and do it. As someoe has said hapo juu, it acts as a deterrent to mischief.

Dr. Ruto prevails. his reverence Wafula Chebukati oversees the transition with competence never seen before .