Azimidiot Boniface Mwangi amechoma picha


Mtu wa kukulia kwa bakuli ya kuoshea mkono hawezi elewa

Boniface Mwangi ako na stress. Marafiki zake walimuacha sababu ya kujiingiza kwa siasa. Ile mahali walikuwa wajenge retirement homes zao, yeye ndo amebaki peke yake. Sasa amekuwa kama Atwoli, [ATTACH=full]462786[/ATTACH]

Hiyo ghaseer inakuanga meffi in my eyes. Just a common dog with a pricetag and the name ‘activist’ to mask his true character.

What was the issue anyway ndio apige kelele hio yote ? Mi nilichukia Bonnie when he decided to attack my former governor with alot of pettiness and shit. Meffi yeye.

Mtu anakula nyanya mze riika ya @TrumanCapote lazima a project

Wife was sick, I understand the frustration but he would have handled it in a better way,

Wewe ukikulwa na @kanguthu nani anakupa ruhusa ya kuongea

Tafuta a new line,hiyo talker wamezoea,kumbe unakuwaga peasant hivyo…kwani huwa unaibia watu nini.I have more than enough plates naweza kupa kadhaa

He is an activist (public interest/ human rights activist) and part of that job description includes shouting his head off particularly in the streets and arguing publicly with police officers. He was seeing the hospital security detail as an extension of police officers.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

What is completely unacceptable and unpalatable is his use of vulgar and abusive language. On this aspect, I disown him and distance myself from him.

Apana tambua vitu za ushoga

Boniface ni ghassia tu ya kawaida and he bet on the wrong horse.

Huyo jamaa anaongea kama wewe tu


So this shit is now going mainstream?

Just avoid TRM area.

What’s that ‘shinning’ they keep doing? It must be something related to the lower leg, between the foot and the knee…
Or did he simply mean wandering all over the earth?

Boniface Mwangi is fighting for your rights enshrined in the constitution, alafu mko hapa mkimtusi juu ya politics.

From his Facebook post, Nairobi hospital refused to treat his wife in an emergency condition because she didn’t have a deposit to pay during an emergency. This after they were involved in an accident and passersby stole their personal items.

Imagine you’re in an accident and you find yourself in a hospital with no atm, phone or insurance card. In that state, you’re disoriented and slipping in and out of consciousness.

But the hospital is demanding that you first put up a deposit. Even if you’re a birrionare with the most expensive insurance cover, and the hospital can’t confirm it during an emergency, you won’t get treated on time.

That is how Ken Walibora died in Kenyatta hospital after an accident.

He is probably angry there are no dead kikuyus this year for him to take pictures and sell to this muzungu gay overlords. Ndio maana kamjengo kamekwama. Yani watu wamekataa kuchinjana kabisaa. He is feeling hopeless and reckless

@Kumbaffu yeye ni taxpayer, mbona hakutaka kuenda Kenyatta National Hospital enye iko funded na taxes zake?

After an accident, you’re likely to be taken to the nearest hospital especially if you’re unconscious and in the hands of good samiritans.

Wacha kukuwa biased juu Boniface Mwangi ana-support Azimio.
It can happen to anyone.