Azerbaijan vs Armenia conflict , Turkey imeingia kwa mix

Turkey on Sunday vowed complete support for Baku and called on Armenia to give up it’s aggression after heavy fighting erupted in Azerbaijans breakaway region of Nagorny

Azerbaijan is very rich in natural resources … I think even Russia will take their side if shit gets hot. Turkey seems to be getting involved in a lot of conflicts nowadays. Wako kila mahali … Syria, Libya, Somali … beef na Greece sijui form yao in gani.

Erdogan ameona EU membership kwa viu sasa for many years, now he is trying to re-establish the Ottoman empire.

Turkey just want to remain relevant in a world where it has no impact. Not White enough to be accepted in the EU and not that rich to flex some economic muscles on some of us.
Its left to blackmail the europeans walete pesa or it allows refugees to ingia kwa wingi. Or threatening Its weaker neighbours who are not in NATO na kelele nyingi.

Think the dynamics have more to do with Turkey’s historical tensions with Armenia (see Armenian Genocide) than Azerbaijan’s natural resources. The Turks always support whichever entity/agenda Armenia is coming up against.

Eh no.

Russia is in full support of Armenia.

Armenian are Christians na Azeri mostly are muslim. Nargorno is a region which is disputed. International says the land belong to Azerbaijan. That place Armenian lives there. So the Armenian government is protecting the Armenian in that land. Which the Azerbaijan government is saying it’s an infringement of it sovereignty.
Armenian were prosecution due to their religion. 2 million were killed by the ottoman empire. Which Turkey do not acknowledge the genocide.
The Armenian government hakuna vile wata allow their tribesmen to be butchered in another country.
Russia is playing neutral juu in that are kuna gas pipeline. Which when cut off. Gas supply in Europe will be in jeopardy.