Azerbaijan President Roasts Half Brained BBC Reporter To Ashes Over Assange Issue & Free Media

I like it when US or UK cunts get roared live on TV by knowledgeable people who see through West’s propaganda.

The true terrorists in this world are USA and NATO allies.

Aliyez mzito hatambui west cunt homosexual. Tuna ngojea third world war we exterminate homosexual.

Tombaaaa hao leeches the era of stealing other countries resources are coming to an end.

Assange facilitated the theft of government secrets. Name a government that is going to let that slide. Huyo jamaa ameshindwa kujibu swali akaamua ni deflection.

Your head is in mzungus ass. Takataka

Snowden too exposed what USA does to its citizens. Spying on everybody. Land of the Free with most prisoners per Capita in the entire world.

Chelsea Manning is another victim of the Land of the Free. USA is full of shit. Preaching water and drinking Wine

Hawa watu wawache kulecture watu wengine kuhusu freedom of expression and democracy. The West are the biggest hypocrites in the world.

Name a government worth it’s salt that will allow u kuanika secrets zao hivyo badala ya matusi. Kwanza hiyo Azerbaijan u will be hanged by your balls.

US has it’s problems. Who doesn’t? But to support governments run by dictators is crazy.

I knew one flag bearer had to come out of the woodworks :D:D:D . Wanaogopa kupigwa transfer hadi bonobostan wakiongea mbaya mtandaoni… Niaje @bouss ,kaa rada ICE wasikumulike, pale kanairo ni ngori mtu yangu kama huna kanyamo

Niko hapa vumbistan boss