Ayub Abdikadir

Huyu Wariah amesukuma sana Ruto na maswali kalikali…

Ruto amekasirika yake yote. He’s good at diverting

Okay, Mtu mzima anatulia for hours kuskiza uongo?
Of all the things he says, only 0.01% is true. He does it over and over and nobody puts him to task as to why he keeps lying.

Shocked that people would sit down and watch a press conference with him. What a waste of time.


Ruto is Okey :D:D:D:D:D:Dhio Dio dawa yenu for the next 9 years . Najua he is sleeping like a baby that amefanya KAZI msoori .

I swear I can’t sit around and listen to this liar. He thinks all Kenyans have the reasoning capacity of a fucking hustler!

massive difference between nabii and jayden, nabii came across very sober and informed, he gives an impression of being in charge and in control.

This insane housing idea is indefensible. If you listened carefully to the interview, and sift through all the flowery patriotism rhetoric, you’ll be left shocked: we are witnessing the entrenchment of dictatorship sweetened with empty talk of God and loving the country. People with any sense should institute measures to send home any MP who votes yes to this injustice, long before mid-term.

Aendelee hivyo akanyage jambass shingo mpaka ajibu kile ameulizwo sio kuunda maswali zake na kuyajibu

Are there midterm elections in Kenya mkuu?

Not scheduled ones, but they are there for seats that fall vacant, if the office holders resign (extremely unlikely), die, or are otherwise removed (NB: this gets complicated by corruption and bribery, it’s hard to remove non-performers. The key point is anyone who institutes laws to enslave you is not your representative, nor your friend. Revisit their campaign promises and you’ll see that they’ll fail you in all the other areas as well.)

Yet all these were Uhuru’s ideas which this thug vehemently opposed? Conmen normally sound very convincing. And kindly stop with this “sober” rubbish. The fool is high on the bible.