Ayeiya - Churchill Show Comedian

From @CarollRadull
Ayeiya of @MwalimChurchill show dies in early morning road accident near Catholic University. #RIPAyeiya


RIP. Thankfully he confessed getting saved in public and changed his ways last year. Rip

I used to like his jokes, Mungu amurehemu ndugu yetu.


So sad Mr. Poa, poa.

I used to relate to his jokes, having been from the ghetto. R.I.P

Loved his comedy.

huyu ni ule ndugu ya eric omondi?

His jokes were borne out of reality or came close to reality, and not this tribal stereotypes. May he rest in eternal peace


mbisha yake?

waah. RIP ayeiya

May he rest in peace. Why do such good fellas die wanatuachia gasia zingine mbovu zime kataa kufa??

Original in his jokes. RIP.


Shine on your way Emmanuel Makori.

May he rest in peace


Sad. Some of his jokes were so crypted mpaka akitoka stage ndio naanza kucheka. Great Talent lost there