Aye MadPhilosopher is back

Nimepotea kidogo poleni maisha imekuwa tu na drama nyingi sana.

Jana usiku with concern my girl alinishow a fisi amekuwa akimsumbua. Showed me the guys pic na ni kama we know each other in a passing manner. The disrespect man. She thought of him as a friend being polite with him and all and the guy has become psycho obcessive. Anyways she texted him awaache kum text. Sai nimetulia tu am waiting on the green signal for my girl aniambie kama this cunt ataendelea kum sumbua, from that point I would label as harassment.

The guy ni 6ft Sudanese motherfucker so inaeza kuwa tricky but bado ntachapa yeye story yake ikizidi. If it backfires ntaleta hekaya :smiley: Otherwise what’s been happening in your lives wazito?
@Phylgee babes nimeona uli ni miss. Hope you doing fine.

Nilikumiss sana… Alaf unanitag kwa drama za mshe wako?? Sereee… Kiino

Babes imebidi niende kwingine tangu unipee ile sweep about my stinking socks. Iliniuma sana:D:D You will always be my Ktalk sweetheart though :slight_smile:

We have substancial effidens to believe @MadPhilosopher = @Notapeoplesguy

I thought MadPhilosopher =The Black Templer

You’re the notapeoplesguy. The language, noise, lengthy threads sums to you.

Why though :DFirst time nimeona his post nimejaribu kutafuta how we similar but sioni. Ama ni waria pia?

hapo you are right on the money

You can choose to be anything here. The language you use betrays you.

= @Bingwa Scrotum = @King popeye = mcooshite

He is also the midget with a long running thread. Could be handling 10 handles.

:D:D:Dhe could be a midget but he can’t be jigranny. Jigranny is one uncultured swine with no morals.

@MadPhilosopher apparently we could be twins?

Yes based on a similar writing style. Alafu nyinyi wajinga you have derailed my thread!

Don’t know much about that one apart from the fact that he clones me in his stupid websites…but there is a handle I read about someone suffering from mental health issues. Name escapes me but hio handle ni yake.

Waah I was shocked to learn that folk have like 5 handles. Just me without a spare tyre.

I’m supporting the idea of confronting the guy halafu ulete hekaya :smiley:

Mara midget mara the one with mental health issues. Jameni :D:D

If shit goes south itakuja. Chukua tu kiti ukae huko.

Staki… I belong to someone else :p:)

we didn’t notice shit