awful performance by lindelof

Hes inability to cover space and the pace to do that not pleasing at all… The game against real madrid needlessly of a challenge he awarded them a penalty and to add salt he missed his kick.
We lost 1-0 to Barcelona and also this game he failed to impress, outmuscled, lack of composure in the ground. Its a friendly that we understand and no need of panic but our main idea of bringing him is to replace smalling and jones not vice-versa, actually jones played very well against Madrid.


True he is out of pace. He needs to catch up this season to earn a shot in the future. Like I told you last time you can’t replace Smalling or Jones who have 7 years experience at EPL with a new player. Don’t worry though he has a great future if he takes Mourinho training well.

Me thinks mourhino was intentionally throwing him on fire, how can you combine them with smalling against msn??
I think he needs time to adjust in a new country and team, even in training he hasnt looked the part so far.

Thrown in the deep end so that he starts adjusting quickly. We have six centre backs so I’m not worried about bad form, bad luck or injuries. Bailly, Smalling, Jones, Rojo, Tuanzebe and Lindelof.

Will keep on saying this we still lack depth, luke shaw is our only lb who can bombard upfront unlike makeshift damian and blind, defensive mid is another issue in terms of tactics rotation, We lack pace in wide areas of the pitch to complement the quality of Pogba, Mkhitaryan & Mata etc on the right flank- These players need more pace around them and more defensive cover.

I have read elsewhere Mourinho isn’t too happy about the result of this game so don’t dismiss it casually as a friendly that meant nothing. It did.

In the contrary our squad is deep. Its only Mourinho tactical shift. Valencia flies across the width of the right wing but on the left Blind is expected not to so that he provides cover to the back line if they need it. Meanwhile Martial is expected to do all the running on the left wing when he has the ball or not. When Mourinho wants Martial to stay around the box only, he puts Young or Shaw as Left back.

Yes, he is not, none of our preseason is a friendly, its an audition for 1st team places and full squad selection. He wants the team to use them to be completely ready for the new season. That’s why he picked usa tour with tough opponent’s than to fly to China and play unknown teams. You can tell how serious he is with every game as he doesn’t seat in the dugout but he actively giving instructions from the technical area.

Meanwhile your jirani Mancity wanakamua Real madrid bila huruma.
Ninaona mancity ikiwasumbua next season.

as long as we dont start badly im not worried december kwenda mbele ndio maneno yote but im really really praying we get perisic. this guy is goood ! kwanza his crossing