Awesome christian movies

Friends, watch these movies and learn a thing or two

  1. God’s not dead
  2. God’s not dead 2

Be blessed everyone. remember to stick to christ, lets all pray for non-believers so that they may change their minds and receive christ. God bless everyone


the best Christan movies i like are those that the woman shows submission by kneeling infront of the man and later on she starts screaming “oh God! oh God! oh God! oh God!”

Please respect the thread and remove this comment. dont mislead other people

Here are some Nigerian ones. I really love them and I am addicted to them. They have made my quarantine time so enjoyable.

Go to youtube and search Mount Zion or Bamiloye

FYI kneeling is an African tradition and the men in West Africa lie prostate when greeting older women. So if you want your wife to kneel to you, first lie prostate at her mother’s feet. As the head of the house you must lead by example OK?

[COLOR=rgb(71, 85, 119)]It’s important to respect folks who do not share in your belief, to each his own.

I like the part where God commands his followers to slaughter innocent men woman child goat cow and chicken for a piece of land

People are seriously sick and need prayers here.