Away kits...

Who is designing the kits in garish colours. Now Leister look like pretty little girls rather than serious men.

Bora tuwakamue

But they are making Chelsea look like molesters.

:D:D let me wait for your reaction when Perez scores.

Hehe 20 mins before halftime, kina Emerson and Co. Have been chasing shadows


Tuliza New Virus.


Manki ulununua tifii




Chelshit aka Nduthi Gang FC

Haters gone hate. Tutawaona.


@gashwin utaambia fellow wazees nini. Ft 1-1


For just moment know it could have been worse

Mkipigwa next week na Norwich muanze kupanga virago , relegation :D:D:D

Your beloved team needs alot of hard work, because apart from Kante, no one else seems to understand when to put a little bit of urgency.

Your No. 1 is on and off when he deems it fit.

You guys need a replacement for Hazardous material, otherwise Abraham is kicking the ball as if he’s on a conversion spree.

Ahsande muthee, it’s back to the usual rat race.

Hiyo game itakua Moto sana