Aware me on how to become a fuccboi bros

I need to unleash my inner Chris Breezy on these hoes.

Pitia kinyozi ya @Tom Bayeye ufanyiwe eyebrow waxing, manicure, skin bleaching ukuwe brown skin kama @Azor Ahai alafu umeze progesterone pills kama @ChifuMbitika na @PHARMACY

Mauki niaje?

Alafu pitia darasa ujue kuandika

Pata Eating disorder kama @Nyonganexol Monkane
Utaattract bitches ka shit.

Step 1: be handsome
Step 2: do whatever the fck you want

Saka mbesha

:smiley: :smiley:

STFU Pinkie. Seems you consider your face to be your greatest asset as would a drag queen - such an insecure bimbo. You get laid? Well, not because bittches trip over themselves running to you at your sight, Boss Lady Hadassah. It’s because they think your chunky camel toe would squeeze all the juices out of their pussies. I don’t know what the yardstick for male looks is but I bet most Talkers would have you looking like the thing below should you stand beside them. Meffi!


Hapo hujaambia founding member na chairman wa Cute Boys Association vipoa

Sorry sir but we dont shave men’s buttholes,scrots or buttcracks…it aint right.