@Electronics4u & co.
Do you have any kind of award/s based on the level of participation, whether current or in future… just curious…

multihandlers can bankrupt you. utapata mtu sasa yuko full time employment. Posting and liking their own posts from dusk to dawn.


:D:D:D.Posting, replying and arguing with themuselves.

Y:rolleyes:…I always struggle to catch up with whats trending in the house…but gets surprised on how some talkers can manage a 24/7 conversation. Its time to bring in the captcha challenge to rid out well known robots:D:D.


Hata bots

But i think admin can handle this since he knows their respective emali addresses unless they use different. We need to appreciate genuine contributors like @uwesmake , his gf @TrumanCapote and many others for their tireless eforts.

Hio ni kazi ya idi admin,anajilipa ki side hustle

Hata na ip address haitawork,huku kuna magaidi,throw in vpns and you have twenty people in one

You should have blocked those useless lunatics by now