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[SIZE=7]Joseph Mughendi, security guard who returned lost bag containing Ksh103K rewarded with a certificate[/SIZE]

On Tuesday 17th March, the BM security firm awarded Mr. Joseph Mughendi with an ‘Award of Virtue’ certificate.
2 days ago
March 17, 2020
Rachael Muthoni

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Joseph Mughendi, a BM security guard shocked Kenyans when he allegedly returned a lost bag containing Ksh 103k in cash, an iPhone, 3 bank cheques and other personal belongings.
The lost bag belonged to a woman who had visited Sarit Centre in Westlands Nairobi where Joseph was stationed.
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On Tuesday 17th March, the BM security firm awarded Mr. Joseph Mughendi with an ‘Award of Virtue‘ certificate.
Through their social media platforms, the firm congratulated its employee by posting the following;
[INDENT]Our employees are the embodiment of integrity and professionalism. John Mugendi recovered a handbag containing Kshs.103,260, 3 cheques, iPhone and other personal items misplaced by a client. We celebrate you for upholding our core values of honesty and integrity. Kudos[/INDENT] Mughendi returned lost bag
Kenyans were quick to congratulate the guard for his goodwill and trustworthiness while serving the public. Here are some comments.
Elijah Kirui Bravo comrade is the way, to be honest and a trustworthy officer God bless u and my company.
Gisiora Mageto Wonderful people , God blesses you and protect you from Corona other Toyota corona
Mapenzi Love Mapenzi First u shd pay this man fr using him on ur adverts first…. He never signed a contract of advertisements bt to guard as his major duty……
Employ him permanent and increase his salary, hii mambo ya 12k ataishi aje nairobi??? Matiangi laws zinawakujia nyinyi
Brian Ambuyo Bravo for him…he ought to be rewarded n his personal welfare reviewed

Ataenda mbali kuliko penye hio 103k ingempeleka

Of course, the company BM SECURITY, will milk his KIND ACT FOR ALL IT’S WORTH …

elfu mia moja itakusaidia aje isipokuwa kuletea wewe nuks tu?

his bosses trust him… kuvutwa kazi itakuwa ngumu even during retrenchment