Awa ma Al-shabaab kwani ni nani...

hehe sawa basi mimi hata miezi tatu ni shida

wacha ufala,wacha ufala thats not the issue here.attack insecurity not family planning and free primary education.a kenyan has a right to be protected by his we dont go to work because of what? wacha ufala,wacha ufala


Uko nayo bado ama nipe rink

acha nkutaftie

Ukiipata nitag pia…didn’t see it…

tuekee somewhere

Nikiwa huko nilikuwa nakula AP mwingine, Nilikuwa na maadui wengi kila mtu alikuwa anavizia.

Of course idiots like you will exploit any tragedy to score bonga points. Which country in the world has not suffered from terrorism?

For those not in the know, please remember that distribution of terrorist propaganda is an offence. YOU BEEN WARNED!
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Mimi nilikua nalewa na manager wa KCB Mandera when servicing their Servers in a quarterly SLA,he always got me a lady to nyorosha,journey from Wajir to Mandera sio mchezo.

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what if its the pure truth and not propaganda

well said genius!

  1. Did the president don a military fatigue that he knows nothing about?
  2. Is the president useless?
  3. Aren’t you a bag of wasted space bearing in mind you are sycophant who gets nothing for his efforts other than the fact that you come from the same tribe with the useless president?
    Answer any 2.

You shouldn’t waste time explaining. Some people here are primary school English teachers and they come online with a marking scheme.

ION, last week the Alshaboobs attacked a police station in Garissa and they were repulsed, they went back, regrouped and came back as a larger group and they were able to overrun the police station proving that the security apparatus in this country is a joke.

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Seconded.watu waambiwe ukweli.

Kuanzia Garrisa,lami unaisahau


watched it, too sad, plus Hii ingine Ya juzi POW jamaa anaomba uhunye awakoe

Uwezi nirushia? Waling’oa before ni watch


bother at the end there’s a very sad frame of how a man’s life ends and he has nothing he can do to save himself, hio kitu haijawahi toka kwa mind, it’s bad I tell you

Niangushie kitu baana wacha kuniprotect

Jibambe, meffi

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