Awa ma Al-shabaab kwani ni nani...

- al-Shabaab militants have descended on homes in Mandera and killed several people

- This has been confirmed by Mandera county Governor Ali Roba

An al-Shabaab attack in Mandera has left six people dead and several others injured.

The attack occurred in the morning of Thursday, October 6, at around 2:45 a.m.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba confirmed the attack to Nation.

The attack occurred at Bulla public works area in Mandera town when the insurgents raided residential houses and sprayed bullets on residents

Out of 33 non locals residing in one plot, six were shot dead and 27 rescued by our security officers manning the sector," Roba told the paper.

The attackers are also believed to have planted explosives in the residential as an explosion occurred as police tried to access the building to retrieve the bodies.
Police are now planning to switch off communication to avert further explosions as they retrieve the bodies.

Roba condemned the killing saying six lives are too many to lose.

“Six lives are too many to lose. We condemn the attack which comes at a time when locals had started enjoying peace,” he added.

The attack comes hours after AMISOM soldiers in Somalia killed more than 14 militants.

Al-Shabaab have continued to terrorise areas along the polarised Kenyan border with Somalia as they can easily gain entry into the country.

Rink ndio hii:

Sad, and that we have police and KDF? :mad::mad:



And the son of Kenyatta had the audacity to dress in military fatigue! such mockery of our security forces yet terrorism is being perpetrated right in our own living rooms. Useless president.


if you saw the video of alade you’ll know we are no match to hawa watu hawana huruma ata kidogo

are we supoosed to be a match for heartlessness?


i no longer sympathize with non-muslims killed while working in mandera except those posted by gava. after seeing this thing time and again, unamwagika huko tuu. that is greed at the expense of your children. your presence as a father is more important. primary school is literally free. what people need is family planning. hapana zaa fwaaaaa. just get one or two kids and you will be able to educate them na kamshahara kadogo.

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Ulidownload hio kitu?

@admin, please make this person a V.E. napenda watu kama hawa


all im saying is regardless of what kind of weapon you have while fighting them its already a hardbattle being up against someone who is ready to die

yeah i did

:eek: Some thought process though!!!

They are our brothers and sisters and neighbours, haikosi some of the attackers are locals. When you fight an unconventional army it is very difficult to be 100% foolproof, kwanza when they decide to hit soft targets.

RIP to the departed ones and good job to the security guys who rescued the 26 non-locals.


Living rooms? Maybe SQs


Mandera Hapana mchezo.I was there when the teachers and quarry guys were slaughtered.hakuna kitu Mbaya Kama kuwekwa uwoga.kuna Siku tulikimbia na mizigo yetu hadi Kwa kambi ya jeshi Ile iko huko town.Hapo ndio niliona madem ngurare wakiwa wengi mandera. Dry spell huko ni noma.


if it makes you sleep at night

Mandera ukiwa na Drspell unajisaidia aje? huko kuna maraya kweli? na kuuma dame al-shabaab si ni kujiwekele bullseye kwa mgongo?

Pesa ya huko ni mingi bazenga. Halafu Hizo cheda mtu huweza kusave Sana. Hakuna starehe. Wewe ni kula nyama daily.

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Mimi nilikaa mwaka na nusu sikuona Malaya. Even if you get one utapeleka wapi? Lojo huwezi Ingia na mwanamke.

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na kupeleka kwako? kwa hivyo ulisukuma 18 months bila kukulana? si ulishuka nairobi Ukakimbia SJ?


:D:D…Zii nilikuwa nakam after 3 months nabadilisha oil.