Avril vs The Wall ..the wall wins with a first round knock out


Her thighs look like creased cotton bedsheets …

And the way I used to like her body …the only African woman I ever loved

Avril ako swafi bado Mimi natomba hii kitu than those sewer smelling Somali women

First wewe ni chokoraa …umezoea takataka

Secondly dame amekatwa can’t smell. It’s physiologically impossible

Why are you letting down your darling. There was a time you bombarded us with poems dedicated to her.

@Bingwa Scrotum are you strengthening?

Meaning? Kukaza mcoondu ama?

Someone has to ask; Why are they all up in her grill :smiley:

Yall crazy if you think i am gonna watch a whole music video… But say it ain so… Had momments with her before akue kaceleb

Wall niya wale watu wako kwa showbiz Industry. Saitoti alikua anakamua vitu shapeless, na akawaachia properties worth billions, sasa izo properties ni mali ya Owuor.

Huh? Elaborate hiyo ya Saitoti. He had several houses around the Lavington area.

Hebu tupatie uhondo Bwana Sani