Avoid using Truehost, these people managing the service are stupid

Truehost has run a scan on my files and came across an apk for streaming that I saved for my personal use and decided to flag it as a virus and claim it to be a phishing link. I have no problem with that but these fools decided to disable my entire server and all my website were down because of a single link that they decided to flag it as a phishing app which is a false claim (most antivirus will label all known streaming apps as virus). I went ahead to appeal using strong words but they decided to deactivate my account. Hawa watu ni maumbwa sana.

These guys are not honest with their services coz sometimes back I had issues with my clients claiming their Wordpress had disappeared for no reason in the server side. I would advice people to avoid anything that is managed by kenyans especially hizi hosting. They might mess you big time. I regret using Truehost, acha nirudi namecheap kiroho safi. Huko nimetumia miaka mingi na hakuna siku nimepata upuzi kama huu.


Ukirun ma illegals ingia offshore


Ilikuwa private url nimeweka files za kodi na apk nadownload kwa firestick. Hii nayo haimake sense, hakuna kitu illigal nilikuwa narun, kama ni virus si wangedeal na indivual url, not the entire server. Ni ufala tu.


Just use namecheap. Achana na sarakasi

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Kenyans zii. Namecheap huwa fity kwa domain names, but hosting iko down. Wordpress huwa na some drawbacks, making it complex kuchagua hosting provider.


Just use contabo,
late last year, I installed some packages that were compromised, and the fuckers were saving child porn in my server, a vps.

Contabo handled it very well. Huko sihami, I ran more than 10 website, za WordPress for clients in containers, pure profit.

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Hio website yako ni ya porno?

namecheap wako na umeffi. Ati max size ya mailserver ni 50Gb

That’s more than enough for a normal person

mid size company…

A top tier mid sized company

Ni directory nimesave apps na files zangu for easy access. It was not a website

Sasahost had superb customer service when I had my website

bro damn they would have banged you why nlikataa anything cracked to date

Anybody who trusts a Kenyan for whatever business is in for a rude shock.Kenyans are mediocre people full of greed and get rich quick mentality

Will check this out

I always had this fear. It has come to reality. Mbaya zaidi they refused to refund me back. Wamebehave kama thieves.

Kenyans will proudly post a video on TikTok about how to be rich and state they buy items for x from China and sell them for 3x after taxes, and proudly, PROUDLY grin ear to ear about being good businessmen. Si hiyo ni kukosa akili?
Then they will occasionally point out how “business is tough” in the same video. Hizi nongwe huona ndio ziko na akili sana. Manufacturer na research team yao yote walifanya thousands of hours to set a price point lakini wao ndio wamebeba akili.

I remember in the iphone early days these same assholes would buy refurbished iphones for 50K alafu zinauzia jaruo 200k :green_emoji:. Ati ni werevu hadi kuliko Apple