Avoid mobile loans


Nikiona such SMS from kcb and mshwari urging me to start taking mobile loans I immediately delete them…
Simply because they will trap you to unending cycle of repayments of money that cant help you do something concrete…
The easy accessibility of these loans is likely to make you engage in like irresponsible gambling and alcohol consumption

Ngo money must be nice!

Hehehe most people I know have stopped paying, I know one with due branch loan 60k, tala 30k, eazzy loan 200k, loop 300k, kcb mpesa 30k, mshwari 15k, zenka 2,500, ipesa 2,000, okash 4,500, opesa 7,500, uba pesa 1,500, senti 4,000 na pia he has my 15k, yani for a guy like this what can he do, just stop paying, get your shit together, the biggest advantage with this loans is that you can repay slowly the only downside is CRB rating.

Exactly…its not about being in needy of that money but the consequences…if you are poor it will make you poorer
Mobile loans are designed to fleece you like shiiit…


You don’t understand. Getting those loans ain’t rocket science at all. Within no time, unajipata owing 500k that never helped you. Unabaki.kukopa tala kulipa branch kama the Kenyan govt.

ukiwa idle hapa ndio huwa wanakushikia

Eazzy loan 200k???!!!lies

What i meant is that for those apps to decide your limit they must access your mpesa msgs and for someone to lock those limits they must be moving serious dough… Regular kenyan ni hivi
Mshwari 3500
Kcb mpesa 1400
Tala 6300
Branch nil
Okash fuck off
Zenka dont even think about it
Opesa… Lipa 500 registration

You catch my drift???

For you to have all that information can only mean you are speaking about yourself

for you to know the exact amounts that a dude owes to 20 entities means that the two of you are very close…you it’s you…but still how would you remember all that?

You are asking the wrong dude man!!!.. Re read the whole thread

Lo,eazzy man

How comes you are aware of all his credit history?

The best thing he can do is leave the woman who is pushing him that far

True, he knows the exact figures owed to each lender. Huyu ni yeye tu :D:D:D

WTF? najua hio pesa yote ikienda Kwa pombe na malanye. How the hell do you request 200k loan bila business idea

Yes, my limit is 180k.

Hehe asking for a friend,siwezi kusema ni mimi of course

U pay back in what sequence or u repay daily.