avoid getting sick at all costs


sick man taken to bank to withdraw cash before treatment

What the…is going on ?

Wah. They literally told him “your money or your life”.

africans are a damned race…not that other races don’t have their problems but some of the way we do things is so comical that describing them would be assumed to be a caricature.

very nice. when you can’t trust your loved ones with your atm passwords, you die with your money. pin ya atm patia wife. siku moja utacollapse hapo bathroom na pesa ya kuwa admitted hosi itapotea, the death of such a man is not a big blow to the society

This is madness

Shit happens…things are not as straightforward as we see them in pictures. One possible scenario could be that dude operates two accounts…the ordinary one where he uses atm and probably a dollar account where atm isn’t used. So most likely his ordinary account didn’t have sufficient funds leaving him with no option but to physically go and draw from the dollar account

Yes. But the point is he had to pay before receiving services. Usually, its pay after.

There is a disturbing video on YouTube about a pregnant lady by the name Koumate Monique who didn’t have money to be admitted to the hospital. So the poor lady died at the bench right there outside the hospital. Her sister, who was with her at the time, decided to do the best thing at that moment which was to cut her (the pregnant lady) stomach’s open and save the twins. One was born alive but died 2 days later. That was in Cameroon and it is the saddest thing I have ever seen.

How come you do not do more hekayas? You can surely spin a yarn. Like the one above…

That doesn’t look like a banking hall

nobody has ever accused you of being intelligent, I presume?

@Electronics4u teremsha belt kiasi ndio hiyo phrase ya ‘below the belt’ iwe null and void…


how do you operate your local dollar acc bro? am assuming you are a businessman and probably own one.

Hehehe. Mbona amecatch feelings?

Apana Bwenyeye. Pls no. It is deposit first in KENYA.

Faga! :D:D:D

Go to any hospital without that Nhif and see of they will accept you without some money.
I’ve seen a lady being taken from one hospital to the next, hapo st Mary’s, they refused kabisa to accept here and gave some lame excuse about not being able to cater to her, but they wanted upfront money was the real reason.

Simple. By just going to deposit or withdraw physically or via mobile application…:smiley: