Avoid Eastern bypass today

There is AP pass out parade and worsened by the overnight rains chances are that traffic on this road will be very chaotic.

Used it this morning between 5.40 - 6.00 am and there were 3 accidents

Caused by the passing out?

I spent the night in that traffic once. Sii mchezo. 5pm to 4.30am

That road should no longer be called a bypass. Ile jam iko hio barabara even at late hours wacha tu. You can’t compare it with the southern one

Nilikua nataka kukutusi nikiwa kwa nyumba.saa hii nimejionea.ni kunoma ata kangundo road ineanza karibu tuskys

You passed out ! It will be dualled

it needs to be expanded to dual. That will ease the congestion.

Causing the pass out of the victims :smiley:

Kuna a proposed greater Eastern bypass.

Cant wait for it to start…niko na buroti maguta maguta along the proposed route.

Niuzie 50 by 100

cant…tungoje wajenge bypass kwanza.

hiyo iko MBALI sana both as a project and in terms of distance

Definitely not, there was a light rain