Avoid being #Meetoed

Never let her leave you company feeling like a slut or degraded in any way.

Avoid cheap insults in whatsapp (Evidence ya shots) and also avoid texting in general, call its not that expensive, atakama ni whasap cal its better than a whatsapp text. SAHAU KUTEXT

Also, achana na cheap excuses that make her think you think she is retarded or stupid. :D:D:D:D. HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED She will go out of her way to show youR mongo head she is not stupid

You can treat her like a princess and still get #METOOd

Prepare adequately for a metoo experience so that you will survive the aftermath. You can’t be timid in everything. Preparation for the inevitable is a better option.

Huwezi sema hutawahi osha rungu ati juu ya this #metoo nonsense. Learn to identify toxic feminists from a mile away and you will do just fine. First you mitigate the risk and then you prepare for a possible outcome if one or more slip through the cracks.

Useless advice. Ulifikiri malaya wanauza kuma ndio waende nyumbani wakijipongeza?

You didn’t get the drift. You shouldn’t make her feel used after your get pnc. If you act differently after you hit it she’ll sense it and claim sexual assault.

No female is born bitter it’s guys like us who hit and quit it who make them bitter.

It’s not about treating her well. It’s about not making her feel used even though you only want sex from her.

It’s the almighty truth that decided to code us that way. Why else would you be needing to ejaculate daily. In fact the happiest women are those who concentrate in raising their offspring and avoid whoring. They also avoid trying to kufunga/possess mwanaume. In a competition of promiscuity women always lose.

Women won’t be bitter if they accepted in their hearts that men are polygamous.

No, it’s unrealistic expectations that make them bitter, especially after wasting their youthful years clubbing and whoring.

umafwi thread

That was savage

Story na toxic relationship musinikumbushe kwanza alikuwa mruya famiria ya akina @uwesmake

Huwezi tosheleza mwanamke. Making women satisfied or feel appreciated is a futile exercise. They will want more. Take that to the bank. Hata mungu alijaribu, hakufaulu. Ukitaka vizuri, dont waste your time trying to please a woman. Just do you, acha chips zianguke vile zinataka. Utamjengea hata nyumba Kitisuru kesho yake wakupate kwa septic tank.

Yaa leta hiyo Hekaya tuskie vile uyo waingoress alikupeleka riadha. . .

Just ignore the feminists. Don’t apologise and shut the fuck up.

They have tried cancellingand shaming Leonardo Di Carprio for dating women 18-24 years. He ignores them and doesn’t talk about it.

Hata hii ktalk don’t go too extra. Don’t be naive to assume that your anonymous username has concealed your true identity. @administrator can cooperate with authorities at a blink of an eye. Chungana na kansoul kulcha

Umeffwi thread by a zeta male

Come on…we are talking about a woman here not some god!..the last time I checked there were lots of them out there!