nimekupatia like hata kabla nione.

The best fruit in the world

Maguna ngui !

I was in Muranga a few days back nikabeba kadhaa the small green variety (not my favorite but Nairobi sipati).

The demand for avocados in europe, australia is so high compared to supply. Vegetarians are growing the demand and non-vegetarians still love it with their food. Its so highly sort after and supply fought over such that cargo truck delivering them are escorted. Its a hot cake since its price continues to rise. Meanwhile here it’s too much that dogs eat them as they fall from the tree.

Ala, zimekuwa fegi?

I heard they are good for men’s healthy sex. (@introvert kaa huko na rusungu) @Phylgee usiwahi kosa kuniwekea avocado kwa chakula changu, for your benefit :smiley:

I have heard of folk tales regarding the avocados around Thika/ Kakuzi area.

Ati the plantations owners/ investors are now preferring them over pineapples.

For the small scale farmers, they plant some quality seedlings, alafu some export
company that buys them comes to inspect and “stick labels” to the ones they confirm
to be of high quality.

Wale wa kutoka hiyo area wanaweza tuambia more about them.


hey are also good for the brain.

Is it why am super intelligent

How long does it take an avocado tree to start bearing fruit?

Haha! We thank mwarimü for promoting this v. important fruit.

Since they are not enough to stock supermarkets shelves, the few available are bought by restaurants. They in turn buy them at a premium and sell at a premium. Thugs figured this out and a few cargo trucks got robbed. Problem is the white man wouldn’t be happy to have us just supply the addiction without his many laws to block it. The certification process is tedious for most farmers leaving a few companies which specialize on export of horticulture to do it.

It has been all well until they got commercialized, you can’t even find avocado’s in Nairobi estates these days.
The quality you find when available is not always the best.
It now sells for 30bob upwards per price.
Back in the day, we used to eat them in season, super cheap and also from the trees in our back yards.
I need to plant me a tree or two of the good quality ones.

where are the trees in the backyard? Kama mtu aling’oa pitia nursery (if there are still some with seedlings!) ununue mbili upande. you’ll get fruits in four to five years. those backyard 'cados will be the ones for the domestic market as us farmers form neighbourhood associations to market ours for export.

There is the hass avocado tree that produces dozens of avocado in 4 years only.

the shade tree in my front yard has about 400 to be ready in three weeks or so. if i sold at ten bob ni 4k from a tree with very little annual input. last season wife overhauled her sitting room from avocado sales.

Avocado’s every day :slight_smile:

No, no, just sometimes when you have githeriensis in our menu