Mimi I have never understood why flights are expensive in Africa. E.g Nairobi to Mombasa is $50 one way while London to Milan/Warsaw is $6 one way. Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and other towns in Kenya should be a max of $15 one way. We could help boost our traffic as seen below.



Very cheap.

Mwafrika kuhaícha ndege yawa, na mia tano! Si watajaza mambatha.

Ryanair uses very dodgy tactics though. Some very creative tax structures and reporting. Ryanair Pilots are also not employees. They are independent contractors. Therefore they can claim their training, uniform, accommodation in another city, headsets, enroute lunch, etc as business expenses. This means essentially that instead of Ryanair paying for all this stuff, the taxpayers of the different European countries pay for it. Ryanair also reports all its taxes in Ireland, where it gets preferential taxation. Ryanair has the largest fleet of Boeing 737 (they only buy this type of aircraft, which makes maintenance easier and cost of ownership cheaper) so they get to buy them at a very huge discount. For many Citys Ryanair doesn’t actually take you to that City but to provincial airports that are cheaper to land at and where they can get fuel at preferential rates. e.g if you book a Ryanair flight Paris, they will take you to Paris Vatry Airport which is 147 km away from Paris, London-Oxford is 100 km away from London; Dusseldorf Weeze is 70km away from Dusseldorf, Frankfurt Hahn is 120 km away from Frankfurt, The given ticket in the OP, London Stansed is 68 km from London, etc etc.
Since these peripheral airports know having Ryanair guarantees them business, they give Ryanair priviledges and discounts on almost everything they can.
Ryanair also knows no shame. They actually had the nerve to experiment with a way to have their shortest flights have standing passengers.
Ryanair do not have flight attendants, they have hawkers selling merchandise on the isles. And who are victimised if they do not reach sales targets.
Another trick Ryanair uses, especially during holiday periods, is to sell a cheap ticket to a destination especially islands. Try and check the return fare of that flight to Venice.
Also while the ticket itself is cheap, nothing else on the flight will be free. Got luggage? That will cost you extra. Want to select a seat. Pay more. Need water, hand over your wallet. ETC.

It’s not all gloom though. Ryanair Pilots have a pretty good roster (Mentour Pilot on YouTube loves it at least). They all work 5 days, then get 4 days rest. Ryanair has also made touring Europe so much easier and cheaper. I had a classmate that lived in Manchester but schooled in Germany courtesy of Ryanair.

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Nimeiandika mwenyewe tu saa hizo.
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In case you’ve missed my other posts on the topic. I am enthusiastic about aviation.

Wow, thanks for all these.

Ni siku gani hiyo Africa ilikuwa na traffic hivyo?
It always look scattered on Africa side

Ni mambo na supply and demand. Unaona time ya Matiangi’s/Michuki Seat belts. Fare ilipanda 2x. Na watu wanastruggle kuingia. The same case na rush hour. Aviation equipments are expensive. A simple Dash 8 zile za Jambo Jet ni USD $32 million. Hizi ni billion tatu na nusu kandege kamoja. So, a few are willing to invest into it. So, wenye wako nazo, ni wachache na wanalipisha venye wanataka. Wanacharge high prices, na ati ni low cost carriers (LCCs), so demand hakuna (Demand and supply).
Thedi zangu mbili

Last week btw.

De Havilland ni expensive hivo? Wueh I never knew. I thought a unit goes for $1.5M hivo, haha. Enyewe Kenya tunapimwa sana na hiyo jina ya “Low cost carrier” unaona huku Bidenstan, hiyo $50 inaeza nipeleka to atleast 3 cities in one journey, Europe sasa naweza enda hata 5 cities na that $50. Enyewe Kenya, or rather Africa we don’t invest much in air transport the way it’s supposed to be. Kazi ni tuploti tuu. Anyway nikikafunga proper naweza launch a domestic airline yenye ni a true low cost carrier. Would charge a max of Kes 2500 one way to all destinations inside Kenya.

Budget Ni kama ngapi?[ATTACH=full]419130[/ATTACH]

As they say in aviation,
The fastest way to become a millionaire is to start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline.


Operations cost zitanitwanga hadi niwike :smiley:

trick ni ku lease instead ya kununua ndege mpya.

Inakaa wewe ni fan wa wendover productions.

Nimeona post zao YouTube once once, but can’t really say I am a fan.

He is an aviation nerd , i thought you watch his videos.