Avengers Infinity War Official Trailer!!!


“I hope they remember you” R. I. P Tony stark aka Ironman

What do you guys think of the trailer?
Can this movie hit 2billion?

So Tony Stark was killed or what?? Alafu Lupita ako iyo movie kweli?

Just a prediction but niko sure he’ll die. And I don’t think Lupita ako ndani

Inakaa moto.

He cant be dead. the one that dies is the robot he created with the help of thor to counteract ultron back in Avengers age of ultron

He dies because…
1: his trilogy is over
2: the actor RDJ is pretty expensive and his contract is over
3: what Thanos just said
4: spiderman is the future of the MCU so if Tony dies that means he lost another father figure (like uncle Ben) which really makes spiderman’s character more rich and sympathetic
5: it’s infinity war dammit! someone has to die

Its pretty obvious and Marvel aren’t known for killing off main characters which adds more to the shock value, so if they don’t kata yeye shingo they’ve missed out on the perfect opportunity to do so.

Infinity war iko in 2 parts. Ya pili ni next year

This is going to be the biggest film of 2018

Najua but to me they’re like one movie kama kill bill.

If they want to win big they must make it 'game of thrines kinda unpredictable

nope she wont be in the movie

Absolutely beautiful, the movie should be like 4 hours long thrre is a lot going on

Damn cap stopping thanos

Sijaona black panza but Hii infinity war inakaa itapita ata Black Panther

wakanda ilipata mapoint 5 lini @Sledge Hammer

This is a big screen worth movie…especially on weekdays…when cinema isn’t packed.