Avandu Vitu niki ? : Shining eyes from Trans Nzoia to Kampala

Now that ndugu zetuni wamemaliza pale nyumbani, itabidi tuchape mchoro za Kampala, Kinshasa, Yaounde na tukiweza ata Ouagadogou tutafika.

[SIZE=3]NB, am having fun with a stereotype msinimeze[/SIZE]


Wakenya ni kurogwa tulirogwa na kashamba ama ni kashamba kalirogwa na wakenya? Indio ho!!

But he’s a very well informed guy on security matters and was very professional in his presentation. I used to enjoy reading his newspaper articles then he suddenly disappeared. So this was it?

Kipindupindu ya Arab Mashamba ni contageous

How do you grab land in Uganda na vile pandemic za Eastern Uganda ni cheap unaeza pata acre na 300k that is like 10m and its fertile land

Kenyans in their true colours

Uganda kuna title deed?

Uganda will soon go the Tanzania way. They will soon hate,fear and envy Kenya and Kenyans. Kama tabia ndo hii…

i thought uganda na tanzania mbuloti zote ni za gava hakunanga title deeds

Newspaper cuttings and insinuations are not evidence of culpability. There must be an other side to this story. For that reason, I reserve my conviction, conclusions and comments.

i read he was a Daily Nation collumnist now he is a senior security advisor to the Uganda Inspector General of Police Kale, my “pedestrian” analysis is he is a former NIS operative turned security consultant…

When I read this i drew pararells with Waiganjo who was fisked

Unscrupulous foreigners have all liberties to do their thing in Kenya. We know of rich untouchable land grabbers from Tanzania, Uganda, Italy and Arabia, who have gotten themselves prime real estate in our country in fraudulent ways, but we never shout about it! This one in Uganda must have been played. But I can’t tell.