AV Receivers, US/Kenya gadgets power compatibility,

1. I need to buy an AV receiver. A good 5.1 channel will set me at 50k, a good 7.1 receiver will cost about 75k. I also want to buy 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System. Sasa shida iko the AVs are really costly and 70k is too high but you get Dolby atmos, wifi connectivity, HDCP 2.3, HEOS tech for music streaming like Spotify and allow to upgrade speakers in future to 7.1. Is the 20k worth it. in contrast the 5.1 AV does not have all those mentioned features (N/B I’m comparing specific AVs not generalizing), if i go with the 7.1 i’ll have to wait for some time till i get money again to buy speakers to complete the system.

2. The other thing is US uses a power of 120V/60Hz, hapa kenya tunatumia 240V/50Hz. Of course i have to buy a voltage converter/transformer but my question is can a gadget rated power frequency of 60hz work with the kenyan 50Hz without issue. and is their a way to change the power system of av receiver to utilize 240V instead of 120V. I’m asking this because a realiable transformer handling up to 3000 watts will cost me additional 20k

Ethical conundrum just buy a 5.1 [ATTACH=full]381252[/ATTACH]

3000W! Are you trying to tell us the system consumes zaidi ya an electric hotplate? Check again.

For a starter set a 5.1 is okay but I’d recommend getting a 7.1/7.2ch Receiver & 5.1 speakers package. Sacrifice for the receiver so that it’ll make upgrading your set-up effortless plus the extra features. Speakers you can purchase one at a time, that’s how I began my set-up saving up got the receiver then the speakers.
Do not buy your systems from the U.S just get ones compatible to Ke’s voltage.

Thank you, the reason i prefer US, is the best receivers i have narrowed down to my preference are either not available locally or very overpriced

naah, i’m prefering the 3000watts because i will be connecting more devices that utilize 110/120V

was looking for Denon AVR 750 H receiver

angalia dubai. Dubbizzle nilipata 7.2 harman kardon swafi zaidi. But if you have decided to go AV way be prepared to spend my friend.

Tech products will always leave you with remorse as they are upgraded yearly. Your best bet is buy the best product, now within your budget.

Most modern electronics come equipped to handle both 110V & 240. Confirm this from the spec sheet before purchase.

Consider the cost of shipping + taxes + wait time when making online purchases. The savings made by not purchasing the product locally may be negligible.

Hii story yote naelewa, , and you are right, most but not all. Siezi kua hapa naongea about voltage stuff na sijasoma spec sheet. and the prices i posted above are inclusive of shipping and taxes.

Wadau thanks for the answers, now imebakia this qn

Kuna wasee kadhaa who now import and sell at reasonable prices. DM I give you a contact

I was planning to get on of these sony badboys, wadau advice please am not well informed about AV receivers.

What about Electrohub Kenya? Have you checked their prices and what they have to offer? You can compare from there.They have serious stuff for any budget.

Electrohub their online prices is lower than the actual prices. Kama kitu ni 50k ukienda kubuy utaambiwa ni 55k

The answer to this would come from expats who moved countries with their receivers or people who’ve imported receivers from U.S to KE who I’ve not yet come across , check AV forums and the likes.
If you’re getting a step down voltage converter get at least 3-5 times what you need, reason you don’t want to put a strain on it or have it get very hot with the loads plus you can comfotably plug in more stuff without worry.
Some of these U.S receivers/subs come with internal switches to toggle voltage but they won’t tell you that so you’ll have to open it up and switch it to preffered voltage or alternatively get a trusted tech guy who deals with receivers/electronics to change the windings on the transformer for you.
Remember to get a very big stepdown voltage converter plus I honestly don’t think issues should arise in doing this.

That’s because most of these shops advertise prices exclusive of VAT, always confirm this when being given a quote.

I have this One… Fantastic Receiver…

Thanks a lot, as i mentioned above was planning on getting a 3000 watts tranformer, the AV i want consumes approximately 400W on 5.1, electrohub doesn’t mention anything on VAT, they instead tell you those are old prices

Why do that though… Have never understood this Concept (Kshs. X + VAT)… As though VAT is optional!