Auto wizards kujeni hapa.

I have a Suzuki Escudo (latest model) that has a minor gearbox issue. The gear shift doesn’t move to Park so I have to do with leaving it at Neutral. My main worry is I might ignore it and maybe in future it develops into a bigger problem. Who knows of a reliable mechanic who’s good with automatic gearboxes?
The ones I know are only good with manual and I don’t want to have quacks tamper with it.

Go to whoever deals with Suzukis in Kenya officially. Utapea quack achezee gearbox uambiwe ni 90k kuweka ingine.

Is it out of warranty?

Warranty doesn’t apply.

Why don’t you just try and open that kaplace that holds the gear stick yourself, you might just be surprised ni kitu ndogo sana. when and how did the problem start?

About a week ago. Hadn’t thought about checking it myself but I will have a look.


latest model in the kenyan perspective means a model at least 8years old


Never had that issue with mine.Kuna Suzuki service centre pale industrial area where I send my mech for parts wacha nikuulizie number ya huyo mpandre

Am waiting thanks.

Had this escudo would buy parts from shamas or cmc then have my mech fix them. Have you changed the atf of late?


Last changed around 6 months ago.

Have it checked out. It will inconvenience you when you least expect it for example e.g it might get stuck in neutral or in say gear two.

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I presume it’s a 2016 model?
If not Keti pale na wenzako WA 10 ur old premios
Na sina gari

Siongei na watu wa Toyota. Kula maharagwe zako ukanyambie bibi brare fool.


Me sijui Masai ako na gari… …brare ngombe weewe