Augustus Caesar also had a miraculous birth

His mother, Atia, along with her servants went to worship at the temple of Apollo (Greek god of the sun, poetry, music, prophecy etc). She fell asleep and so did the others. A serpent “glided up to her” and shortly went away. When Atia woke up she purified herself “as if after the embraces of her husband” and at once appeared on her body, a mark in colors of a serpent that she could never get rid off to the extent she ceased visiting the public baths. 9 months later, baby Augustus popped out.

It gets even more interesting. a few months before Augustus was born, a portent was generally observed at Rome, which gave warning that nature was pregnant with a king for the Roman people; thereupon the senate in consternation decreed that no male child born that year should be reared; but those whose wives were with child saw to it that the decree was not filed in the treasury, since each one appropriated the prediction to his own family.

Jesus existed but there was nothing supernatural about him. Just a cult leader that went on to be successful.

It is even debated amongst atheists whether Jesus existed or not.

The soothsayers and intestine readers (haruspex) must have been as corrupt as everyone else and could take a gold coin to predict what the giver desired.

Most scholars agree he existed although as you said, there’s stilla debate amongst atheists.

It is a good debate given that Jesus never wrote anything himself and no historian saw him personally.

Jesus did exist, but escaped first botched execution and went somewhere further east. The whole savior thing and special child rumours were created by Mary, his mother.

How sure are you he existed? Is there evidence outside the Bible of Jesus?

Most Sumerian, Hindu, Greek and Roman leaders, claimed direct decendancy from gods, or that they births were inspired by gods.
Later on most Asian Kings and leaders started proclaiming direct link to Genghis Khan.