August 8th opinion polls

Who will smile come August 8?

Hii tutafanya mara ngapi…we done concluded it already!


why did you put nwasa on top?


And who are you anyway?
Come with your usual handle and probably we might just vote.



Na nini?

Ktalk is comprised majorly of folk from the slopes. So whatever poll you conduct here will have uthamaki at the top. Twitter is more metropolitan and you will get the true picture from there. Thats why they say elections will not be held on twitter. But anyway, I have voted.


excuses now?


They also voted on twtter for Hillary…na hapa ktalk ilikuwa msema kweli!

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@mouraythee kwanza alisupport Trump with tooth and nail. With facts

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Murathe kwa ile posting ingine ya Kikuyus for Raila nimekuuliza swali ukakataa kujibu.

@admin I got a suggestion. Open a sub forum on RWNEEBP and UOTP… Ndio ujinga kama hii inaenda huko. When we need comic relief tusisumbuke. We know where to find the laughs

Murathe ni nani.

Some hash taggers, have over 200 twitter accounts.

Mbona wee tribal undertones zako hazing’olewi? :wink:

There’s an actual listing with that title.

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Kwani only folk from ths slope own computers, phones and have Internet access? Idi Admin is dim-eyed, owns Ktalk and is as biased as can be for JaKuon, you’d think that they would win every one if these polls.

Ignore reality, rationalize Ktalk poles and believe the myth of 10 million ‘NASA’ votes at your own peril. We shall see people here wailing like Okoth Kalatas on 9/8/2017.

Wapi nimulike ubaguzi? ? :smiley:

you don’t take prisoners now, do you?

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Continue believing the hype that your regime enjoys 70+1% of the people’s mandate. Just like you believed Trump would never win based on your own misguided calculations. Funny how you’ve never recovered from that ass whooping. Kila siku Drumpf this and Drumpf that. Dude will whitewash you in the midterms and in 2020 God willing. But I digress.
Are you just allergic to systems that work or what. You seem to be easily excitable by propaganda and PR than solid facts. Maybe thats why you’re the undisputed king of being on villagers’ ignore lists.