August 23rd, Deadline For Kenyan Civil Servants To Get Vaccinated Or Quit GoK Jobs

The party has began. This is just the beginning. In future hata forced sterilization will be a normal thing.

Seems like the globalists have initiated their One World Government

Still many years away. Bado hatujaekwa mark kwa kichwa. But it seems a bit tacky to scroll something on people’s forehead. Why can’t it be on the wrist or the upper arm. Just somewhere cool.

Wooi boss,if we took everything in the bible for their face value…a lot of shït will not make sense,starting with the guy who got swallowed by a fish and survived to tell his wife. Dont you think a forehead mark is just too dam obvious? [SIZE=1]Think microchips,were not savages here[/SIZE]

What do you mean? I would compare bible prophesies to African prophesies on the coming of white men. For instance they described trains as Iron snakes. They may not have known what they were but they could describe them using the knowledge of their time. I believe bible prophesies are literal but the words to accurately describe the technology of the future did not exist in the past. And yes, a man was swallowed by a whale. A grown man can comfortably fit in the artery of a whale.

I forgot to mention,[SIZE=7]stuck in a whale stomach for three days,[/SIZE][SIZE=5]besides[/SIZE][SIZE=4],the whale guy story is too sensationalized enda usome vizuri. He was in mouth cavity of the juvenile whale for a good 40second before the whale breached and spat him out.The esophagus on nontoothed whales is too small to actually swallow a human but they could wrap their mouth around a large object and then spit it out.I know xtians saw this as a sign and revered the man as an icon. Anyway,
fitting in whale’s atteries is literal sir,
[SIZE=4]yes they are big,the comparison is akin to a cockrach fitting in your veins…how do you end up in a vein in the first place?
This is an adult humpback whale

See that mouth part,thats where he was

I dont know how you define swallowing but,yeah,sensation sells

W don’t know wht kind of whale swallowed Jonah. Maybe it’s an extinct auper massive whale which was the last of its kind. Or maybe it was a whale with gigantism. The point is that Jonah really was swallowed by a sea creature and lived for three days probably on raw fish.

@Tom Bayeye unasumbua sana na izi stories za Christianity zako. I’ll never understand why you are massibely into the same bible you claim you do not believe at all. Unanikalia tu aina flani ya kuku inaitwa nyangute

Sperm whales can easily swallow

A sperm whale can swallow a human being bila tabu…you are talking about a blue whale…whale ni grouping but species ni mingi …the bible didnt specify.

Boss nimeweka picha ya humpback whale. Sijaongea whale shark or blue whale aiseh. Nini mbaya?

Vipi @Oti The Gargantuan ,naona unakereketwa,you shouldnt .Sielewi hio line yako. I read the bible same way i read playboy ,i dont believe in both,they are ficticious.So unreligious of you,ile time utakuja na answer musuri as to why YOU cant worship with muslims or catholics or other sects other than your own ,since YOUR sect is THE ONE,yet YOU claim of a mono god…kuja tuchapiane. In the meantime kaa lane yako na verses that dont make sense,you sound stupid btw sijui kwa nini. Umekula nyangute leo?

If people dont want vaccination, they should be made to sign a waiver form. The government should provide a work environment that ensures covid protocols. Social distance and washing hands and masks are things we should have observed since 1924. We would have had less TB and common colds. Coronavirus is serious but so are the others that were ignored for years. Vaccinating by force is a violation of human rights.

I hope this gets challenged in court

If the main reason for enforcing vaccination is have all civil servants work in the office, why can a working from home policy be first put in place. there are jobs that do not require one to be in the office every day. Kanyotu ran national intelligence services while working from home in limuru, never stepped in the then nyati house headquarters. he dismantled the 1982 coup plot coordination while working from home. Infact the government should be working to streamline working from home. chiefs and their assistants need to show up in their offices and these can be asked to get vaccinated.