August 2017 Elections-the aftermath!

Saturday the 11th of August 2017 time check; 1600hrs Kenyan time.This is unlike any other ordinary evening in Nairobi,the weather is a bit chilly especially here at the Bomas of Kenya.representatives of all the presidential candidates have been camping here at the main auditorium for the past couple of days,many of them have have clearly not taken a nap for the period of time that they have been camping here all of them are waiting with bated breathes for the IEBC Chairman Chebukati to make the big announcement.Well of course the results have been tricking in fast albeit with a few hiccups here and there but they all know who the victor is but it is the onus of chebukati to make the announcement.A few meters away at the Catholic university another group is in an ecstatic mood their celebrations began quite early in the day after their internal tallies gave their candidate an unassailable lead.About a thousand kilometers away in Dar es Salaam another group made up mostly of some grey haired men is in a forlorn mood,you can easily smell dejection,the mood is somber but clearly they are not mourning for the six lives lost in the wake of confrontation between their supporters and the police mostly in the Densely populated slums of Kibera.It is easy to tell they are mourning for something dearer than the lives of those peasants.
Aaaargh hata nyinyi endeleeni…

Brigade UOTP wanakuja na mawe.


RWNEBP-Fact! wacha wakuje mbio.

prophet owuor uko aje?

@Art, i thought you are team uotp?

Hata kufikiri ata naweza kuwa huko ni "mugiro"kikwetu

Mhaaaro #VinduViharanga


The group in Dar es Salaam quickly moot the idea to quickly call an impromptu press conference and announce to the world their rejection of the election results.The leader of this group fishes a cellphone from his pocket and dials a number,he lets the members of the group know that he is calling their host the number one man in the country.After repeated attempts he gives up and consults again on their next course of action.

Meanwhile … Mzee Gaza nitakuwa napeleka punda zangu rat race zifike mogotio slaughter hse, cash in na China man, ndo baadaye nisifike after the fact China man ani show ati "no buy, no road"upuss.


I can smell panic from a kilometre away, why not wait for the few remaining days and vote.

He will never ever ever.

That time of the month

No, not for me, more like that time of pre-elections fever kind’a ting. Gorrit? guuuuuuuuuuuuud Jimit.:smiley: Is it for you? no don’t answer.

:D:D:D:D drama queen

I know… I hear you:D:D:D:D thasoraight. 'Ave yourself a good drama free w/e. Will you?

dont cheat yo’self lady! you can never be a drama queen, you are drama bish

I hear you on that one too :D:D:D:D:D:D Whareva tickles your fancy…a lady and a bish cannot be used in one sentence. So I opt for the bish. Now pls my weekend is just unfolding, any other ishu you would like to highlight? if there is can I opt for the yes button to whareeva else you think about this bish?might save you time typing. Type yes in your brain.