AUDI A4 vs Mazda Atenza

Which is cheaper to Maintain for a village birrionea

Audi is a money pit. Kuna jamaa pale youtube anaitwa Rich Rebuilds. Alikuwa anabadilisha turbo screen on an audi. Kitu inatoshana na kifuniko ya kibuyu ya maji. Maybe a 50$ part. Guy spent 9hrs on labor kudadilisha hiyo part. Aliangusha front grill, akaangusha hadi radiator ndio afikie hiyo part imejificha. Those cars engine sijui engineers walikuwa wanavuta bangi ya wapi waki design. Just buy the majority of talkers Jalopy called Toyota. Oil changes on these cars is optional. They run forever.

Vile Mtingiza Kitanda amesema.

The thing with premium European vehicles ni kwamba engine bay huwa crowd sana mpaka a simple task inakuwa shida. Audi’s, BMWs, Land rovers et al huwa na hip shida sana. Kama jamaa ako na pesa, anunua Mazda as a daily driver halafu baadaye anunue hio Audi ya kujibamba weekends.


start by googling how to maintain an audi

Audi A4 is a Compact Executive/Entry Level Luxury Car (competition ni C-Klasse, Beamer 3 series) while Atenza ni mid-size car (Competition ni Camry, Teanna etc). Ukitaka more luxurious ride but smaller car chukua A4 but make sure ni non-turbo and atleast with a reasonable engine size. Usichukue ile 1.6 engine otherwise overtaking itakua shida…

But from your post main concern ni maintenance. Chukua Atenza competition Toyota Camry. Hio utashugulika na Oil changes pekee. I think Camry would work for you much better than Atenza. Mazda spares are difficult and pricey. Tafuta ile 2.0 or 2.5 in-line 4 engine if you want something more pleasurable to drive. But if you want something more luxurious but almost in same price range chukua Crown kama utawezana na V6 engine due to cost of petrol.

Chukua Mazda 2.2 diesel. It’s a blast and it’s a man’s car.

If you are worried about maintenance cost don’t touch an audi. buy a diagnostic machine along with it and do your own maintenance if you can.

Sana. Hata VW. Meanwhile Japanese cars are very less compact hapo engine bay. Unabadilisha almost everything bila kungoa unnecessary stuff. Most components on japanese cars can be viewed and accessed easily.

I almost died when I found out that to change a turbo on a Land rover, you have to separate the body from the chassis and lift it off. BMWs nazo zimejaa plastics kwa engine bay such that when you move them to access something, chances of something breaking are very high.

Cheap automated production processes. Probably power train was built to completion and mated to the body in one short step. There is space for everything in the design but when things comes together some omponents are hidden or are in inaccessible places. Even the manufacturer has no idea how to get at some parts manually in a regular workshop.

You are very ignorant and it shows you have never owned a vehicle. Baki juu ya baiskeli mzee wa uganda

Go for the Audi. Hii maisha haina rehearsal, life is too short to drive a shitty mazda atenza for christsakes. Get a supercharged A4 one if you can. Ukuskiza villagers hapa kama @magreb u will never drive anything better than a demio

Ngombe and poverty mentality ndio hii sasa. Ati toyochieth, when will u ever develop ukifikiria this way?

Baba, I probably first drove when you were in your nappies.

And the best thing u picked up over all those years is that owning cheap boring contraptions ni ujanja? What a wasted life!

Hehe you are right nilifunga macho juzi and got myself a cool ride. I dont care about maintainace or anything but for sure i know i deserve the machine. for i can never get another life…

Kuna gari nimetamani inaitwa VW Touareg.
Back to topic, chukua Audi baba.

Brary bugger