Audi A3/A4

So I am considering of ditching the Toyota bandwagon and switching to an Audi. Does anyone here have an A3 or and A4? What are your experiences with them? Any issues?

I have no problem with parts, I can easily source them.

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now you talking… following… doing some research on the A4.

Audi iko sawa. i see some A4 KB zile za kwanza na bado imesimama.
A3 or A4 itadepend kama unataka sedan or hatchback. otherwise i’d recommend Audi anyday over the githeri on our roads.

yep. Audi A4 sline would be a good one compared to say a toyota crown series. The only thing we have to mind is the transmission. heard about it some time ago not sure the exact issue but will update nikipata hiyo story. God willing ill import one. German machines my brother.

How would you rate the A4 vs Legacy B4?

I have debated between Audi and BMW, where the hell would you have an Audi serviced apart from the dealer? Saw some hot A6 but it was too expensive, may just one day decide to try one pocket, fees and concubine allowing

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B4 easier on your pocket. A4 classier but costlier to maintain.

B4 which one? twinscroll or twin turbo? I’d pick the B4 any day over the A4 for one single reason

I have not driven A4 yet but B4 quite extensively and i would vouch for the twin turbo one anytime


Yeah the A6 is hot and pretty, but way pricy

I am looking at the A3 hatchback (the 5 door sportback) more than the sedans. Do you know of any Audi experts locally? For servicing and stuff?