Auctioneers in debt payment

I have few clients who have issued bounced cheques over the last few months. Suppose I was to sign a payment agreement between us what should I include as security. I want to involve auctioneers and something like a vehicle logbook. How can the police help without issuing threats to as they do then end up milking me dry and I don’t want to involve court procedure.
Talkers with experience kindly advice on how I should go about it.


A bounced cheque amounts to a criminal offence. best thing to do get a reputable debt collector someone you know personally , he is to be accompanied by two cops wakimshika say your shop is in nai while he is thika , he ought to be brought to Nai, Jamaa akiona anaenda ndani atatoa hiyo pesa chap chap, atapigia mpaka uncle zake wam bail out. Like said the debt collector should be a trustable person sio wale unatuma anaenda anapewa kakitu the other end anaanza kukupigisha chenga.

This works big time, however there are cunning guys who are aware that for as long as he makes very little payment hata kama ni soh tano you cant take action against him coz he has demonstrated efforts to pay.
If you do a demand letter threatening him with a lawyer he will be more than happy coz he knows the justice systems takes forever to solve a dispute.
Mtumie hao majamaa uone vile pesa itapatikana haraka



I don’t blame him the economy is in ruins. slowly grinding to a halt

The sad reality of running a business in this country: You will have to employ someone other than yourself whose job description is to chase those debts full time.

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watu wamekataa kulipa fake sauce?

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Tafuta shylock akueleze?

@Nananimpa can correct me if im wrong, but i dont think you can actually get auctioneers involved until you have been to court and its established that the guy has no other way to pay you. going this route will mean you might not get paid for kadhaa years

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That is obvious auctioneers work with court orders.

Pole but that is the cost of doing business in Kenya. You are screwed from all sides.

damn it lakini tutafanya tu

we have no choice but to push on.


Auctioneers work with court orders unless you meant Men in Black…just get a lawyer to follow the debts.You use money to get money.