AU - Kikwete also vying

Ala seems Baba will have stuff competition from former president Jakaya Kikwete. Even UG is rumoured to be considering fronting their own candidate. So much for east African unity. Also baba fanatics are not amused either and do not want him to run for this top seat. Including Jubilee bloggers. Kwani kunani?

I hope Raila fails to capture that seat so as to keep Thief and Murderer Ruto on his toes


batallion ya babuon @agwambo akina @simiyu22 watalilia kwa choo

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But si mlikataa yeye kwa ballot? I hope he clinches the AU seat

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What? Ama Ruto wants to engineer a humiliation of baba on the continental stage?

Baba should win and exit the political scene so that Kenyans can be shafted properly until they grow a brain.

I hope his network will push him through.


Agwambo will be supported by Western governments. Ataishinda by a vote of 54:2 by 12pm.

we are talking about AU not EU chairperson mbilikimo wafula

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Ebu explain Wewe Mulwa.

tokomea mbali

A small seat that Kalonzo alikataa nakuachia Amina Mohammed apambane na hali.

There might be close to 5 candidate vying.

But I know •⅃ L• will definitely be the one.