ATWOLI the TUMBOCRAT: When are the next COTU elections?

COTU welcomes the implementation of new NSSF deductions amid opposition from workers. Atwoli is a pathetic sell-out![ATTACH=full]495057[/ATTACH]

Funny enough such posts do not evoke interests from Kenyans despite such news having a DIRECT IMPACT on their daily lives.
Kweli tumefirwa hakili na kimawazo.
Some high class juju hyposis of some sorts!

Most Kenyans are full of shit.

Labour unions zilikufa

If he doesn’t do that he will have a cardiac arrest the following day.
He has to remain relevant otherwise he is a goner.

Utakufa bure.

Atwoli anangoja siku zimebaki ziishe ajitoe.