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Hon Kuttuny vs Murkomen war confirms DP Ruto Failed, Kalenjins suffering as Cartels Eat big

By Micah Kigen


Tuesday evening’s bitter and primitive quarrel on Live Television between Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen and outspoken Cherengany Member of Parliament Joshua Kuttuny disguised as a debate over the raging Maize Sector crisis is a big shame to the Kalenjin Nation and an indictment to our legislature.
Apart from the Presidency, traditionally most Kenyans view election for leadership to Parliament (National Assembly and Senate) as the height of political leadership, success, and maturity. Hence, those lucky to land those positions have always enjoyed the revered title of Honorable and are always given respect and recognition wherever they go.
However, with skyrocketing vices like negative ethnicity, corruption, election rigging, economic crimes, and mafia politics, our political sphere has rapidly been invaded and captured by shameless crooks who scoop these honorable positions for ulterior motives, and not for service to voters nor the nation. One wonders whether the title honorable is still deserving of such misfits.
Considering the political significance and experience of both in Deputy President William Ruto’s battalion of elected leaders in Kalenjinland it is now evident that the DP’s is a totally failed leadership for the Community.
His one-time bosom friend and defender turned critic (Kuttuny) ably told Kenyans, with evidence, that the DP is the godfather of a Cartel fleecing the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) and government funds meant to pay maize farmers and also another cartel fiddling with subsidized Fertilizer.


But on the other hand, Mr Ruto’s current lead hatchet-man (senator Murkomen), in defense of the DP hit the roof and started throwing a barrage of base expletives at the MP to distract and scuttle the allegations. To Murkomen’s credit, the debate surely degenerated into name-calling and outright vendetta. If these are a sample of Ruto’s MPs and other elected leaders in Kalenjinland, then he has surely auctioned the community to mediocrity and suffering.
In their own words, during the Citizen TV debate, one is a sycophant and permanently fuelled by handouts from a corrupt godfather high up the political pyramid to protect maize sector cartels frustrating farmers, while the other is a player in the infamous drugs business underworld bedeviling the country and a gun for hire by political opponents of the corrupt big-man out to undermine his rise to the top. :D:D:D:D
They even cross told how they were recruited from the gutters to parliamentary politics, meaning they did aspire for leadership but were recruited and sponsored to serve partisan interests and not the people.
Kenyans watched in horror as the two threw caution to the wind and went personal in the most despicable manner, tearing into each other in the most uncouth terms. Weighed against African or Kalenjin traditions or against Christian Values and also against constitutional benchmarks of what is expected of public officials, both Kuttuny and Murkomen violated society and must apologize.
Their pendulum of mutual accusations and filthy tirades mutually condemning each other’s personality and conduct with either disrespecting and abusing the other before the whole nation should condemn them to the void of infamy and strip them of any leadership honors and credentials they claim.
More importantly, Kenyans have heard and seen for themselves how not to formulate a leadership team for a community. It is a big indictment of Deputy President William Ruto and his radical wing in the Jubilee leadership for erecting leadership on blackmail, handouts, corruption, economic crimes and sycophancy as opposed to the expected leadership focused on serving the people and boosting their welfare.
What we are witnessing is a bitter truth scenario where bottled up anger and the simmering volcano over massive frustration of the people’s welfare and economic emasculation of the masses in the Rift Valley has exploded to the surface and William Ruto’s Political Tower of Babel in Kalenjinland is crumbling before his very own eyes as his foot soldiers scatter and begin to speak in tongues.

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