Atwoli nalemewa


Bora umwange ukisoga, u can’t satisfy a woman’s hole scratching needs, huwe mzee kijana ama toddler. This women must sample diffrent dicks and still search for more to see if their is a better one. Kula ukisonga

Mharo News Network (MNN)

-with porn induced ED, stress, little sleep, diabetes in their 20’s & drugs, old men like DR Herod III have now become better than young men…
kuna majamaa hapa in their 30s using viagara…very sad!

you come out stupid replying to fakE news from an NVCHIETH

:DWacha nikapromote ,it was the likes of me who Replied to my stupid shit when I entered this streets who made me an Elder and also made the village fun

Fake news.

Burning picture

Oldtimer umesha vuka retire already?

Malisa hio humbwer

Mimi ni umbwa? :D:D:D U av earned urself a new enermy in this streets jamaa .prepare for ur parmanent dismantling

Tumeona wengi. Tuliza nyege mboss deh

I am sure the lady didn’t give such views to anyone. Mharo media