Atwoli FREE advice to Ruto

Go slow, take a back seat, don’t take on the president head on

Around 2018 Francis Atwoli was crying on JKL how as the workers representative he didn’t have free access to statehouse, and how he should have free access to the president.

Today he cheats people he is an insider.

His own wife showed him the middle finger, and joined politics.

Arror is beyond Atwoli.

Atwoli is not as connected as he purports.

Just a loud mouthed boring old fart.

His best days are behind Him.

good advice.Listen to your elders william.

but what he has said makes sense,if I were Ruto i wouldn’t just wish his advice away.

No comment

Ruto is old in politics than Atwoli. Atwoli gets his votes by killing competitors, Ruto has never made a single wrong move since he joined politics. Atwoli can tell Ruto nothing.

When Arror will be seeking a 2nd wife he will consult Atwoli.

there is always the first time my guy.He will be isolated ile mbaya mpaka na International community,usi cheze na System.Gov is not a single person,it has a life of its own.

Kama Raila alijaribu ata na Coup na bado hajawahi shika hio Sword?who is small time guy like Ruto?

Ruto is not a coward.

Raila hakuwa mastermind wa coup. He just associates himself with the coup to appear powerful, he was not an insider to that coup, elewa io.

Ruto makes his moves based on the voice of his own people, Luo’s make their move based on what Raila tells them, big difference.

Ruto has a will, agenda, mission, he is looking for a way, Raila wants power just to be powerful, to feel manly, like his brother Uhuru.

He who swallows a whole coconut has absolute trust in his Anus. Ruto knows about all that. And is ready to face the consequences

:smiley: Wakati hawa watu walikuwa wanazika Jonathan Moi, kwa nini huyo jamaaa Aroor alikuwa anatembea amekunja ngumi?

Moi is sick, Arror knows the law of war, and will not fight non combatants and sick people. Arror goes for the main target. Game bado changa. Arror strikes when you are shouting peace, peace…sudden destruction.

obviously he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know his place.Moi knew his place, and that is why I tend to agree with Atwoli.
As you can see here, You can see how humble he was and didn’t even push to be near the president during photo sessions .Its not about,the money everyone has that.

I thought Kenyans showed the international community busybodies the middle finger a few years ago during the Hague trial? Hawawezi shtua Ruto or Uhuru. I heard Uhuru is here in the UK na wengi wetu hatukujipa shughuli na yeye like before. The majority out here are Okuyos…when I imagine how they went to demo against Raila outside Chatham hse, I feel mugged. Nkt.

The guy in the middle is Raila today and Matiang’i and Kibicho and the others undermining Arror. They thought they were second to Mzee, and undermined Moi.

Ile kitu hawakujua, na Raila na Matiangi hawajui, ni eti the short opportunity allowed to a monkey to wear clothes does not mean he’s invited to the dinner table.

how about the mothers and children burnt in Kiambaa Church and Rift Valley? was that his strategy?

I will never talk about kiambaa in this village. Elders mention things just because they happened in Eldoret, without having facts.

Maina Njenga was one of the VVIP family friends who was with Moi at the graveside, as Jonathan was buried at his Kabi Moi farm. We know everything

International Community is a serious factor. Didn’t you see they said was the main pushing factor for Rails to seek handshake? The mere fact that all your relatives are denied Visa is strong enough.Let’s not forget the economic factor as well. Who wants to run a country without resources?

Are you acknowledging the handshake brothers are puppets of our colonizers? So they didn’t do it for the sake of kenyans? They just wanted to retain their passports, and access to international money laundries in foreign ccapitals? Kumbe!

of course, and the mere fact that your guy doesn’t understand the centre of power at any given moment is a self-destruction element. William is not a gentleman in politics, he come in the arena when you could use citizens as fooder to climb, unfortunately, this time alone that card is very tricky to unleash lest he be branded a warlord, which every knows anyway, we are just waiting for the right opportunity for him to be hounded like a stray dog.

And I commend him for joining BBI with an intention of getting a piece of the next gov, he has noticed that he is not strong enough as he thought, going solo.