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Kuna hii live wallpaper ilikua discontinued na google playstore inatwa maple leaves / autumn leaves live wallpaper that i had on my first android device that i really liked i have tried searching for it all over the internet in vain. It consists of leaves floating on water and creates a ripple effect like motion when you touch the screen. You can customize the number of leaves or the frequency they move. For illustration i have attached the following video and pictures naomba serikali inisaidie nice weekend ya’ll

its tricky to port live wallpapers apk coz in most custom roms it needs to be integrated with framework manifests and system ui

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so hakuna matumaini ? because mimi huona kuna watu waku na simu ziko nayo hakuna way ya kuextract apk(forgive my ignorance)

ofcourse u can extract its found in device/system/app/livewallpaper.apk, but i dont think it will work

There are lots of live wallpaper apps on the playstore. Just get any, install and use.

ok u can try this if u are already on a custom rom, download rom ya hio fon unasema ya kitambo. Extract rom and navigate to system/app/livewallpapers.apk.
Copy hio livewallpapers apk kwa your current device and place it in device/system/app/livewallpapers/. Delete ile apk utapata hapo and paste ua desired apk hapo and give it the correct permission 6.4.4. and reboot…

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will update you

@snapdragon mimi simu yangu iko na shida iliangukanga na from hapo hua haisomi mem but ukiweka inakaakaa alafu inasema sd card safe to remove

sounds like a hardware problem u need to make an appointment with ua fundi,but i dont recommend simu kufunguliwa ndani coz most fundis nowadays are not hardware experienced. Atatengeneza mem alafu itadevelop another problem. Labda upate wale mafundi wa kitambo nao wengi ni wakora atakukula motherboard kama umesimama hapo tu.:smiley: