Attn: All Shemales na wasiojielewa.

Do you suffer from identity crisis?
Do you catch feelings from imaginary provocation?
Do you create pink handles to lure veined tree holders into your inbox?

The government wants to know you.
Call the number.

:D:D:D:D:D wale wako hapa they are intersex by choice

““Do you catch feelings from imaginary provocation?””
Mutheu, wacha kuchokoza mod wa diaspora.

Who made this poster? An [SIZE=7]intersex person[/SIZE]?

by birth wasaidiwe by choice wachomwe umbwa ghassia takataka ya homoObama .

:D:D:DI see what you did there…

:D:D:D:D come on now!

it is usually said that those who hate the gays are also gay themselves.
they usually hide behind the mask of “hey! i have 30 children! I’m not gay!”

mwenye alidesign poster ought to be shot

AmaAmA hii ni troll?
Ukipiga hio number unapata ni ya mental hospital?

And those who make this proclamation are the real gays who do not care to hide?

Apana lazima wakuwe na kakitu kwa motherboard settings…:D:D:D:D:D

Some chips loaded with rev arse logic?


Wenye wanasemanga ati wako na watoi wengi so hao sio mahomo ni majamaa wenye wamejificha kwa walk-in closet huko ndaaaaani mahali viatu zienye hupendangi huwekwa

whoever runs this A/c ----> @Shiroe wapigie simu

I think he was going for the rainbow look.
Looks like a scam though.

Leta hekaya priss…

@spear chukua hiyo number.

ni nini hii?