Attempted Suicide

Apana jaribu hapa Ferry, try Nyali Bridge!
A woman jumped off MV Nyayo to drown but she was luckily saved by a fellow commuter who dived in after her. (Mbisha sina saa hii)
This ia why i always say its important for everyone to learn how to swin


Mashida ya dunia ni mengi…

Mmesikia? @Ibwit @kush yule mnono and @old monk


Shida za dunia ni nyingi


Good for her maybe she regretted her decision to jump… many people regret making that decision of commiting suicide those few seconds before they hit the ground

This is why i always say it’s important for everyone to learn how to kill themselves successfully…:D:D:D


…and you know this how? Ama pia wewe umejaribu?

what do you have in mind Sir?

if she was really determined to kill herself she should have known jumping into the ocean at peak hour was futile as there would be someone to rescue…

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Somebody has to ask about this crucial evidence, NO PHOTO?
You sid (Mbisha sina saa hii) so tungoje ama?
Thanx for noting that error.

True, most of this people do this attempts as a cry for help, they are not too serious about dying. In high school, the principals son put a little tria-tix’in a lot of milk and then told everyone what he had done

In another incident a qualified doctor took what was supposedly an overdose of pills, then told everyone again

She’s probably given up on mankind having been betrayed by people she held dearly and closest to her like family, friends… I guess this now restores her faith albeit in small way

out of over 3000 people who were on the ferry lazima kuna mtu ana mbisha, once i gerrit taiweka hapa and tag you

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mbona haujataja @Purr_27 :D:D:D

It’s in my bucket list nitaanzia olkaria heated pool cold water made me hate it as a child.

She knows how to swim…Ok…fine yeye hufanya “gully creepa” shallow end.


We need the government to start funding projects like how to kill one self. seriously we have the potential.


Hiyo pesa bado itaibiwa tu…


I read an article on suicide, a study on the survivors showed that most regretted their decision to kill themself

Should be ‘themselof’ …:smiley: