Attempted suicide along Thika superhighway


:D:D:D sasa ni kuishi kwawheelchair, he has worsened his problems. Anyway, mechanized infantry ya jeshi la Baba tunajaribu kupunguza suicide rates pale central

I shouldnt be laughing but :D:D:D:D ati he landed with a thud. Thats a very inhumane way to describe a suicide attempt.

That would’ve earned 15 marks in composition.

That felt good

With a thud :D:D, mtu hubounce a few inches

The fool will be prosecuted but of Rao fails to fight for these hungry peasants ,the rate of suicides will quadruple

Funny how attempted suicide is a crime. Will he be prosecuted and sentenced to pay double tax or something?

ghaseer ingepita mbele ya trailer , hio ingekuwa sure bet