Attempt on ole itumbi

Update: Dennis Itumbi not Arrested. He has Recorded Statement Following Botched Assassination Near Garden Estate

Let him keep crying wolf, siku moja atakipata. Government assassins don’t make attempts, they malisa you bila huruma.

[SIZE=5]The despots are absolute fools.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]If history is anything to go by; assassinations will NEVER be effective. It’s simply a short-term solution.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]For every whistleblower you kill, 10 more will come out of the woodworks.[/SIZE]

Just wondering if unconfirmed reports will reveal he tried to assassinate himself too…… :D:D:D:D:D


Onyango mbona hupendi Ruto? Ama ni juu yeye sio mjaluo kama wewe?

Ujinga ndio muwache useless juvenile mafwi tucker tucker party

If someone wanted him dead, he would be dead.

Desperation for the udaku chieth. They will throw anything to please their pea sized brains bonobo. Each day their house of card is crumbling.

ofcourse. eti attempted assassination. kwani sisi ni wajinga? if anyone wanted him dead, he would be dead.

When s government is scared, it resorts to such nonsense

Don’t fall for that nobody in his right mind would want to finish itumbi NOW. The friends he’s currently keeping are the ones who will swiftly dispatch him once they get power

Itumbi seeing ghosts everywhere.


However, police who arrived at the scene, led by Kasarani subcounty police commander Peter Mwanzo said they did not find any sign of the said shooting.

No spent cartridge was recovered.

Locals at the scene of the incident said they didn’t hear the gunshots.

Itumbi recorded the statement at Kasarani police station under OB Number OB 115/13/8/2021.

Do anything for clout…if the govt wanted him dead he would be dead just another publicity stunt…Arror is going to apologise on behalf of the govt:D

115/13/8/2021 Meaning that at the time of the day, he was the 115th to record an occurrence at that station that day? Aren’t these guys overwhelmed? How do they investigate all these matters if they pile this way daily?

Rubbish. You need to start using your brain.

Nicca rides a W 210 na anasumbua mbillionaire s ? What a useless bu* of a Man.

Itumbi is just getting paranoid… If someone wanted him dead he’d be dead by now.