Ati she can't cook

This stupidity of ladies saying they can’t cook,sijui my mother don’t teach me how to cook has to stop.I’m sure your mother didn’t teach you how to suck or ride d1ck.hii ujinga iishe

True :smiley:

Bibi kama hapikii ama kuosha nyumba/my clothes huyo atembeze…but one thing I know ladies are natural follower of a man …Kama wewe as a man ni mtu wa hivi hivi /betamale, no one will respect you

Mbona sasa unatusi @Mwendawazimu ?

Nikisema wewe pia ni chizi ntakosea wapi?

@sludgist is @Mzee mzima
Alianikwa hapa.Same foul language .Same person.Same rotten brain.I bet his life sucks


Engui niwache jinga sana…
Nikichi utakuwa supplier wa ngwai na kulipa per pound fala ii

:D:D:D:D:D…beta male kwisha! …The woman isn’t attracted to you , period.

Na wewe your come up with siwezi kusambaza credo au kutuma fare because baba yangu hakuniachia kakitu :smiley:

You will have to live with the fact that some ladies cannot cook, they were never taught by their mothers, it was done by the mboches and servants. It is a skill which one hones with time. You will also have to accept that some women have no interest in kitchen matters even if they can actually cook.
[SIZE=1]p/s some of the best chefs in the world are men… si you teach her?[/SIZE]

Some women are just good for a lay then you send on their way…



A woman who can’t cook is like a vehicle which can’t move.

Suck the dick???, nimeulizwa na mwingine wakati mamake alikua anamununulia Lollypops, alikua na fikira gani? Kumupea diabetes?

Fala sana ni kunyamba kwa sofa na remote