Ati President amesema...

… ati bora masomo wala sio masomo bora.

They are calling it 100% transition to high school. Ati kila mtoto aendelee hadi highschool liwe liwalo. Well and good.

He has reiterated Magufuli’s stand that no kid will be left behind and it is better that they study under trees… ati classrooms and blackboards will follow later…

When is this “later” … can you be specific because your govt. lies?

Surely Mr. President haven’t you seen the public school that was featured recently on NTV from somewhere in Coast? The place was just pathetic. Terrible.

Won’t most of the kids just quit anyway due to hardship? The whole point of the new syllabus is that no child gets left behind but it will be rendered pointless if there are no classrooms, books, sufficient number of teachers… the kids will just quit.

This President is fucking with the future of Kenya.

Na pia amesema hakuta kuwa na entrance exams. Ati bora tu usome umalize hadi form four… surely what will be the motivational factor for studying?!

Also he said kids will now pursue talent based education… but we don’t see investment in sports, music or acting in public schools…

If he can’t afford to build a classroom how is his govt. going to afford pianos, mini stadiums for kids, amphitheaters, etc.

I foresee private education in Kenya becoming very expensive in the next few years. Mtanunulia watoto hadi drum set na saxophones.

Wacha kuharibike.

Why are you surprised? Didn’t we vote twice to get what we wanted?

Kwa hivyo watu wakule ujeuri in silence bila kusumbua?


funny…u see what mzaee does,is he comes,finds you in a really bad situation…and instead of improving your situation,he makes you see how it could be worse than it is and that you should therefore appreciate the “bad situation” since it is not “worse”…

I happened to listen to his speech and captured this:…“heri mtoto asome chinii ya mti au darasa la matope lakini asome kuliko kurandranda kwa mtaa na chupa ya gluu”…

But my question is…why chini ya mti na matope classroom in the first place??


sorry for the emphasis but KONYAGI AKO CHINI ZAIDI!

Very nice. Kumira kumira. They will vote in Raila and Uhuru again, not because they love them, but because they want to stop Ruto.

I genuinely enjoy how Ulevi Konyagi has ceased all pretence of leading this country and is actively destroying it.

The CBC will be the worst thing to ever happen to Kenyan education

Hii kipii ya Ngina should be impeached. Khasia takataka mtoto ya umbwa.

The extortion has already begun

Kumira Kumira … ta thuraku … … [ATTACH=full]254375[/ATTACH]
hapa nilipo ni bahari,pombe na wanawke.poleni kwa msiba

Those who voted for him ndio wanapiga nduru zaidi choreni saba bila kutusumbua, kwanza waliamuka asubuhi mara mbili kupiga kura, wapi ile chura iko na kofia?

Saa hizi kuna villagers wanafeel hii ingecome around time ya nyayo:D:D
Village hatungekuwa tunatulia

Maghoha said it has to be implemented mpende msipende and Knut affiliated teachers were punished for going against it.