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[SIZE=7]Singer Jimmy Gait Reveals The Amount of Money He Was Offered to Join Illuminati in Latest Interview[/SIZE]
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January 24, 2022 John Chiwai
Jimmy Gait. Source / Instagram

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Gospel singer Jimmy Gait has come out clean to address claims that he joined Illuminati.

The Muhadhara hitmaker explained that he was indeed approached Illuminati group and met them in one of the hotels in Westlands in Nairobi.
However, he did not give in to their deal, stating it was against his faith in Jesus Christ.

Jimmy Gait disclosed that the Illuminati team offered him billions of shillings that would enable him pursue his music dream and live a good life.
The deal dictated that he doesn’t mention Jesus in any of his songs.

“I was being offered billions… Kenyan currency of course. I was offered a record deal for as long as I don’t mention Jesus in my song.
“And when I read through the contract, I realised this was going to bind me into a different belief other than Christianity. That’s why I backed down,” he told Plug TV on Monday, January 24.

He stated that lack of support from the government and other corporate entities who refuse to recognise talented artists is what has compelled majority of celebrities to join the Illuminati out of fear of financial doom.
“What we don’t have is a proper system that can help us to become the millionaires and billionaires like other countries would become in terms of talent.
“There were times I would go hungry. There were times I would perform, and the pastors would tell me, ‘God bless you,’ thank you for ministering. The most important virtue I have always held on to is hope and determination,” Jimmy Gait said.

According to Jimmy Gait, everyone has the freedom to make their own choices based on their current circumstances and desired outcomes.
“Whatever it is that you feel is working for you, do it. But always remember, one day we shall stand before God and give an account, so I don’t go driving people around or saying this or that about people. I let people be, so let people be,” he said.

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@Micymas in mbwa homosexual

Ghasia mwizi wa panty za wamama kayole kwani jaba imeshuka?

How anyone can fall for the “Illuminati” BS in this information age beats me

huyu bado ako 2010 , clueless fellow

Anyone who believes in Illuminati nonsense comes off as a low IQ moron.

Yaani there are people who still live in 2010 when Rihanna, Eminem and Taylor Swift were trending?

The Illuminati are very real, they have their logo on the dollar but I doubt they have any use for a guy who dances akiinua mguu moja ni kama anapanda pikipiki

The Bavarian Illuminati went under back in the 1700s

The idea of self restraint above deity is too potent to be scattered to the four winds, I think they figured out it’s efficient to infiltrate the Church and state admin.

micymas ni mafii ya umbwa homosexual

Boss,you are confusing illuminati and freemasonry. You are suggesting, the floating eye on the dollar, right?
Masonic use of the eye dates to 14 years after the creation of the Great Seal ,thats the part you are talkin about .The Eye of providence as fondly known …, was an explicit image of the Christians ,yep wafuasi wayesu ndo walianzisha.
It has nothing to do with the Illuminati. Actually vile @friday amesema,illuminatis are the boogiemen of nightmares,almost urban legends with rumours of infiltrating the masons. there’s no one identifying themselves as an illuminati group except scammers over the phone,its just a word thrown out there to scare people…and it is working


Freemasons are a good society that has played an important role in shaping America into a superpower. The masons are very critical to global success today and the future.

I genuinely thought the Providence eye was the symbol of the illuminati whilst the masons favored the compass and square, I should go through my copy of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons…plenty of Illuminati tid bits therein

confidence ama delusions banae
unadanganyje wasee live live?

True. A society with secrets,tends to stir some uninformed people. I once ventured into a lodge somewhere out there,i was curious, I found out they are the coolest people,better than church guys,no offence they did not question my non believing nor did they try to sway me otherwise. Had free lunch:D

Thats is freemason for sure

He is lying there is nothing like illuminati going around offering money, what they do is mentor people to better their talents. All of them are cults practising rituals filled with lies and half truths, they have secrets that even the master of the lodge is not aware of. They are philanthropic but their money is dirty and is used to seduce people into immorality and disbelieve of God. They do traditional rituals that seem harmless but open your eyes into the existence of a spiritual world where you can manipulate things. This end up tricking greedy and jealous followers into the world sorcery and witchcraft. They are not all bad people they are victims of deceit.
If you want to be famous, do things that please the world do not follow Christ. And of course you know who rules the world. Many of this popular star are members of these socities why they are mentored to be who they are.

I think what’s more important is that the guy in a green cloak is munching on a burger